Milan Translation Services

Italian – Turkish technical and legal translations

Are you looking for a technical or legal Italian – Turkish translator? Milan Translations offers a reliable team of Turkish native speakers who will help private clients and companies with the translation of legal, technical or commercial texts. We are also available for translations of different urgency (even within 24 hours) in the Italian – Turkish combination.

Here are the areas for translations and linguistic assistance in which we can provide high standards:

- Technical (manuals, technical booklets, CAD drawings, instructions manuals, html code, etc.)

- Legal (contracts, powers of attorney, certificates, trade contracts, civil and criminal cases and proceedings, etc.)

- Commercial/business (brochures, catalogs, cover letters, corporate communications via e-mail, etc.)

- Other (personal texts, unpublished literary compositions, journalistic texts, etc.)

Project Management

Milan Translations offers a project management service for Italian – Turkish translations. With continuous, day-by-day or large-scale translation projects, a native Turkish Project Manager will manage the work and will be able to follow the translation process, by relating effectively to the client 12 hours a day.

Sworn translation of Turkish driving license for conversion

We offer sworn translation services from Turkish to Italian for the conversion of the Turkish driving license into the Italian one

Italian – Turkish interpreting

Italian – Turkish interpreting is provided by our agency in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Turin. We offer these types of interpreting:

- simultaneous

- consecutive

- liaison

- whispering

- at fairs

Prices and quotes

For information on prices and to request quotes for Italian – Turkish translations and interpreting, please contact us by phone or e-mail in the following ways

- by sending an email to / attaching the text to translate

- by phone

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