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Italian – Moldavian and viceversa: Technical and Legal translations

Milan Translations is an agency that offers technical and legal translation services from Italian to Moldovan and vice versa. The work is carried out by mother-tongue interpreters of high level with professionalism in the field of literature and linguistics. Strictly selected by Milano Traduzioni according to their professionalism, our Italian-Moldovan interpreters can offer their services for these areas of specialization.

Areas of specialization

Here are the areas of specialization where you can find high-level Italian-Moldovan translations:

- Technician (manuals, brochures, presentations, worksheets, instruction booklets, etc…)

- Legal (contracts, contracts of sale, legal acts, etc…)

- Commercial (booklets, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, advertising, etc…)

Sworn translation of licenses issued in Moldova

We carry out a sworn translation service from Moldovan to Italian of licences issued in Moldova for the purpose of conversion into an Italian driving licence. For more information you can consult our services of sworn translation of Moldovan driving licenses.

Project management service Milan Translations offers a project management service also for Italian-Moldovan translations. For large translations, our agency provides a project manager to be contacted via Skype, as well as by e-mail or mobile phone, to obtain information on the progress of the translations as well as the expected delivery. A way to facilitate the work process and improve communication between client and agency.

Prices and quotes To request prices or quotations for Italian – Moldavo translations you can use one of the following possibilities:

- by e-mail at

- telephone contact at our contact details

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