Milan Translation Services

Translation agency in Milan

Milan Translations is a collaboration between Anna Rechnova and Mirella Meringolo. Offer translation and interpreting services in many combination languages ​​is the mission of this agency who wants to be at the forefront for the relationship to the customer. Reliable translation agency, but at the same time fast, Milan Translations to meet the needs of the international market which increasingly demands a communication in several languages ​​of the world.

Translations Milan is also professional with the ability to follow the tracking of your translation directly on the website, as well as you can learn about the curriculum of the translator who proceed to the execution of the work

Here are the 45 languages ​​which ensure high standards of translation:

Albanian    Arabic    Azerbaijani    Bosnian     Bulgarian    Catalan    French    Korean    Chinese    Croatian     Czech    Danish    Hebrew    English    Estonian    Farsi-Persian    Finnish    German    Greek    Hindi    Japanese    Gaelic Georgian    Kazakh    Moldovan    Latvian    Lithuanian    Maltese    Norwegian    Polish    Portuguese    Romanian    Russian    Serbian    Slovak    Slovenian    Spanish    Swahili Swedish Thai    Turkish    Ukrainian    Hungarian    Vietnamese

We also have a service of Certified translations with legal value for passports, certificates (birth, residence, death), diplomas, degree, visa, medical certificates, legal documents, etc. .. Even with legal force abroad through the inclusion of the Apostille of the 'Hague.

Why then choose Milan Translations?

Here are ten reasons:

Free revisions
Estimates fast
Quick translation in 24 h working
Tracking real-time translation (for volumes above 15 days)
About the translator who will perform the job
Quality / price ratio among the best
Management of Multilingual projects and large volumes
Work process identified and certified
Compliance with delivery and punctuality. Penalty for delay
Project Manager and certified translations

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