Milan Translation Services

Italian Translation Service in Milan

Milan Translations is a translation service provider based in Milan (Italy), ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified.

We offer translation and interpreting services in many languages. The mission of this agency is the relationship with the customer. We are a reliable translation agency, but at the same time fast, Milan Translations is focused on the needs of the international market which increasingly demands a communication in several languages ​​of the world.

Translations Milan is also professional with the ability to follow the tracking of your translation directly on the website, as well as you can learn about the curriculum of the translator who proceed to the execution of the work

Here are the 45 languages ​​which ensure high standards of translation:

Albanian    Arabic    Azerbaijani    Bosnian     Bulgarian    Catalan    French    Korean    Chinese    Croatian     Czech    Danish    Dutch    Hebrew    English    Estonian    Farsi-Persian    Finnish    German    Greek    Hindi    Japanese    Gaelic Georgian    Hungarian    Kazakh    Moldovan    Latvian    Lithuanian    Maltese    Norwegian    Polish    Portuguese    Romanian    Russian    Serbian    Slovak    Slovenian    Spanish    Swahili Swedish Thai    Turkish    Ukrainian    Hungarian    Vietnamese

Covid Test translation for the border

We also have a service of Certified translations with legal value for passports, certificates (birth, residence, death), diplomas, degree, visa, medical certificates, legal documents, etc. .. Even with legal force abroad through the inclusion of the Apostille of the 'Hague.

Why choose Milan Translations?

More than 80 professional translators (with a minimum experience of five years) in 45 languages

1) Quick quotes
2) More than 6,000 customers in Italy and abroad
3) Twenty years of experience in the field of translations
4) Fast translations in 24 working hours
5) Real-time translation tracking (for volumes over 15 days)
6) Among the best quality/price ratio
7) Multilingual and large volume project management
8) ISO certified work process
9) Respect for deliveries and punctuality
10) Penalty in case of delay

Project Manager always available on Skype or mobile phone (for ongoing collaborations) and included in the price

80 professional translators
Milan Translations works with 80 professional translators. All our collaborators have a minimum experience of 5 years and a specific preparation in the language, translation and interpreting sector.

Quick quotes
Milan Translations will provide the customer with a quick quote after getting in contact by email or telephone. On average, the quote is provided within one hour from the customer's request.

Real-time translation tracking
For large-scale projects, which require at least 15 working days, Milan Translations offers the opportunity to inform the client of the progress of the translation projects. By logging in to a reserved area of the website, the client can track the progress of the translation updated by the project manager. The client can also download the material that is translated “step by step” by our sharing server.

Among the best quality/price ratio
Milan Translations offers state-of-the-art services in the translation sector, transparency and punctuality but also excellent prices for the service offered. On average our rates are 30% lower than that offered by the market in Milan.

Multilingual and large volume project management
Milan Translations gives the opportunity to translate the same text into different languages. It is convenient for the client who must translate or organize a major event because there will be only one contact person. By contacting the individual interpreters, it is much more difficult to coordinate multilingual work and to entrust large volume projects, especially in order to respect all the deadlines. Thanks to Milan Translations your contact person will be only one.

Identified work process
Milan Translations is also a guarantee of organization. In fact, all our distribution chain is identified. Please visit the "How we work" section

Respect for deliveries and punctuality: penalty in case of delay
Milan Translations is a well-organized agency. The respect of the deadlines and the punctuality of our interpreters is as important to the customer as to us. That is why the percentage of delays is very low. Should this happen, we will apply a discount on the total order.

Project Manager
Milan Translations also provides a Project Management service for non-urgent translations. Your projects will be coordinated by a supervisor who will always be in contact both with you and with the translator or interpreter. The Project Manager will be available on Skype or via mobile phone (for ongoing collaborations).Scrivi un messaggio