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Croatian – Italian technical and legal translations

Milan Translations offers a team of expert native translators for texts from Italian to Croatian (and viceversa) and from English to Croatian (and viceversa). Our certified translators are specialized in the translation of texts such as contracts, proxies, powers of attorney, but also manuals and technical drawings. Here are the areas of specialization for Italian – Croatian and English – Croatian translations.

Areas of specialization

Milan Translations specializes in these types of translation: Technical (manuals, PowerPoint presentations, technical drawings, instructions and user manuals, etc.) Legal (contracts, powers of attorney, judicial documents, tax-related documents, documents from the Chamber of Commerce, certificates, etc.) Commercial/business (websites, brochures, presentation e-mails, catalogs, etc.)

Sworn translations

We carry out sworn translations from Croatian to Italian (and vice versa, from Italian to Croatian) of many types of documents, thanks to the professionalism of our interpreters accredited at different Italian Courts.

Here are the documents that we can translate through a sworn and legalized translation:

certificates, paychecks, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, payment certificates, civil status certificates, family status certificates, vaccination certificates, medical certificates, criminal certificates, school certificates, curriculum vitae, university degrees, tax-related documents attesting the payment of taxes, identity documents, judicial documents (judgements, resolutions, verdicts), notarial documents, private documents (work certificates, contracts), public documents (residence certificates, reports), passports, driving licenses, separations, testaments, school qualifications

Sworn translations for the conversion of the Croatian driving license

Thanks to the agreement between Italy and Croatia, it is possible to convert the Croatian driving license into the Italian one, without having to take the driving exam. To make the conversion at the DMV (Motorizzazione Civile in Italy) you need to make a sworn translation: find out how to make the sworn translation of your Croatian driving license

Discounts and agreements

Milan Translations offers special agreements for Croatian translations within large multi-lingual and ongoing projects. The discounts for companies that want to start multi-lingual projects that include the Italian-Croatian combination can go up to 30% less than our standard rate. Please visit the section for agreements and request a quote.

Project Manager

The project management service is offered by Milan Translations within the Italian – Croatian and English – Croatian translation services. Especially for large projects, the Project Manager, available during the working day, on Skype or mobile phone, will inform the customer about the progress of the translation work, will carry out urgent work and will choose the most suitable translator for the required translations.

Prices and quotes

To request prices and quotes for an Italian – Croatian or English – Croatian translation, you can contact Milan Translations at the following addresses:

- by e-mail at /

- by calling our telephone numbers

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