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Czech – Italian translations and interpreting

Are you looking for an Italian – Czech translator? Milan Translations can provide the best service for this linguistic combination. We have the most qualified interpreters and translators on the market for the Italian – Czech combination. Not only written translations for the combination Italian – Czech and English – Czech, even urgent, but also quality interpreting, both consecutive and liaison.

Areas of specialization

Milan Translations specializes in the following areas for translations from Italian to Czech. Here are the areas we specialized in:

- Technical (manuals, booklets, instruction manuals, presentations, drawings, etc.)

- Legal (contracts, trade contracts, judicial documents, tax -related documents, powers of attorney, etc.)

- Commercial/business (manuals, leaflets, brochures, websites, presentation e-mails, etc.)

- Literary and other

Italian – Czech interpreting

Milan Translations can provide interpreters for Italian – Czech interpreting. Our consecutive, liaison, at fair and whispering interpreters will translate during B2B meetings in Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Turin, with no additional travel costs. For more information, request a quote.

Prices and quotes

To request prices and quotes for Italian – Czech translations and interpreting, you can contact us in these ways

- by e-mail at /

- to our telephone contacts

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