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Italian – German technical and legal translations

Milan Translations agency offers translation and interpreting services from Italian into German. Our interpreters are all native German speakers and have at least five years of experience. A guarantee for your translations from Italian into German and vice versa, as well as English – German and vice versa. The specializations in Italian-German translations are technical, legal, commercial and literary. Let’s see what the Italian – German translation texts are:

Areas of specialization

Here are the areas of specialization for Italian – German translations:

- Technical (manuals, user manuals, instructions, technical drawings, presentations, etc…)

- Legal (contracts, sales and purchase deeds, powers of attorney, tax acts, judicial acts, etc.).

- Commercial (brochures, catalogues, websites, e-mails, cover letters, etc…)

- Literary and other

Sworn translations for licenses We carry out sworn translations of driving licences issued in Switzerland and Germany for the purpose of converting an Italian driving licence without having to retake the driving test in Italy. Consult our services of sworn translations from German for driving licences

Budget translation We offer services for the professional translation of financial statements from Italian into German

Technical translations of manuals Milano Traduzioni offers translation services of technical manuals from Italian (or English) to German and vice versa. For more information please visit our page for technical translation services of manuals from German to Italian and vice versa.

Project management Milano Traduzioni offers project management services for large Italian-German translations. In case the project is continuous and needs to have a manager, our agency will include in the project, free of charge, a person able to manage the flow of translations to and from the client. Always reachable via Skype or telephone, the Project Manager will have the task of informing the client about the state of the art as well as sorting the translations to the most suitable and specialized translators.

Sworn translations (affidavit) at the court with legal value We carry out sworn translations in Italian-German combinations with legal value, in addition to the affixing of the Hague Apostille for the foreign value of the document (legalization). Translations of this type are carried out by CTU (Office Technical Consultants), whose value is also recognised at Italian embassies and consulates and abroad. For further information, please consult the legalization and asseveration service. What are the certificates that can be translated in a sworn manner? Certificates, German divorce certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, payment certificates, civil status certificates, family status certificates, vaccination certificates, medical certificates, criminal certificates, school certificates, curriculum vitae, graduation certificates, identity documents, judicial documents (judgements, resolutions, verdicts), notarial documents, private documents (work certificates, contracts), public documents (residence certificates, complaints), passports, driving licenses, separations, wills, qualifications.

Mother tongue interpreters for Italian – German interpreting and vice versa Our mother-tongue translators are available for technical and legal translations on consecutive days, press conferences, conferences and simultaneous interpreting in the booth. Our prices are absolutely competitive in the translation and interpreting agency market with an average saving of 15% compared to our competitors. We have an extended network of Italian – German interpreters available who will be chosen according to the topic dealt with during the interpretation day. Can you imagine a conference where your foreign guests will laugh? This happens very often, but not because the speaker is telling jokes but because the simultaneous interpreter is not translating well. The Milano Traduzioni agency makes sure that this doesn’t happen. For the success of the event we propose an Italian-German interpreter absolutely professional with a proven curriculum with several years of experience. Milano Traduzioni is a guarantee in terms of quality: a project manager (if required) will coordinate the interpreters’ staff according to the importance of the event, a maximum guarantee for the client who relies on the interpreting services of our agency. The Italian – German interpreting service is offered by Milano Traduzioni throughout Italy depending on availability and timing of the order. In Milan it is possible to reduce the booking time.

Discounts for multilingual projects and company conventions Milano Traduzioni offers discounts for multilingual corporate projects. We are available to lower the standard rate for Italian – German translations up to 30%. If the translation project is multilingual or continuous we can agree with the client for a monthly flat rate corporate agreement. Check our offers for discounts and corporate agreements.

Prices and quotes The price of standard translations from Italian to German is 0.075 cents per word + VAT, without urgency. If you need to request a personalized quote to know the prices for an Italian – German translation or interpreting, here is how to do it:

- by sending an E-mail to:

- By contacting us at our telephone numbers

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