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Translations English – Italian: 0,06 Euro/word

interprete_inglese Interpreter Italian – English (and viceversa) native speakers with extensive experience of translation and interpreting in Milan is a row that simultaneous. Milan Translations offers the best specialists in the field certainly priced lower than the competition. We know the importance of an English translation done well and also the importance of maintaining the original layout for the texts that require it such as manuals and power point presentations. A project manager will monitor further translation of the entire supply chain compliance with deadlines and following your requests step by step with the translator.

Specializations English translation and interpreting

Milan Translations specializes in many application fields such as technical – engineering (manual) medicine, linguistics, legal and commercial. Milan Translations then proceed to work quickly and professionally, texts in Italian into English. This type of translation is done both for technical texts, legal, commercial, websites and brochures. As for the layout of the texts into English, the agency intends to proceed to quality services and revision of the text translated into English. The professionalism and the good quality / price ratio distinguishes the combination Translations Milan Italian – English. Our services for translations from referring in particular on the following areas: - Technical (manuals, the manuals, instructions, technical drawings, presentations, drawings, etc …) - Legal (contracts, purchase, legal documents, tax act, powers of attorney, etc …) - Commercial (websites, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, letters, etc …) - Literary and other

Urgent translations

Milan Translations offers translation from Italian to English for technical texts even with a high urgent request, up to 24 hours of referral. The presence of an extensive network of native translators allows our agency to get immediate feedback on the requests from the client. The translations into English will in particular offers for this kind of services: art, journalism, cooking, design, education, cultural and ethnic studies, film and cinema, genetics, geography, history, humanities, law, linguistics, literature, music, translations of certificates and attestations, philosophy, political science, sociology, engineering, theater, tourism, visual arts.

Project Manager

For ongoing translation Italian – English we provide a project manager can manage the flow of translations. In this way the work and deliveries will be precise and above all the customer via Skype will have an immediate feedback on translations in progress. The service is available for ongoing and of great magnitude. The project manager can facilitate the flow of work to and from the customer. All information on the status of the translation are obtained by the Project Manager.

Sworn translations (sworn statement) before the court with legal value

We provide certified translations in the combinations Italian – English with legal value, and the affixing of the Hague Apostille abroad for the value of the document (legalization). Translations of this type are carried out by CTU (Technical Consultant), whose value is also recognized and Italian embassies and consulates abroad.

Interpreters Italian – English

Milan Translations offers translation services in the company conference or in combination linguist Italian – English. The interpreter chosen by the project manager may well be the most suitable for the type of service requested (liaison, course, visit the company …). Our interpreters Italian – English are available in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Turin without travel costs.

Interpreting Simultaneous

For conferences and meetings we are available to provide simultaneous interpretation. We also have the possibility to rent headphones and equipment for simultaneous translations Italian – English.

Discounts for translations Italian – English in ongoing projects and multilingual

Milan translation is available for special discounts for companies that need a continuous flow or need to produce a text translated languages. Our agency can in fact be up to a 30% discount on standard prices with special prices for large volumes and continuous translations.

Reference prices and quotes

The reference price for the translation of texts from English to Italian (and viceversa) is 0.06 EUR per source word translation. To request a quote for translation or interpreting English – Italian you can: - Contact us at - Calling at our telephone numbers

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