Milan Translation Services

Arabic – Italian Interpreting and Translations

Italian – Arabic and English – Arabic translations coordinated by Mr. Ahmed, a top-level professional in interpreting services from Arabic to Italian, in Milan and throughout Italy.

Our translation agency has an important team of native Arabic professionals who can provide editorial translation services for legal texts, such as certificates, licenses, declarations and other documents that require legalization and asseveration.

It is possible to translate, from Arabic to Italian, technical texts, especially for the energy sector, as well as regarding press conferences and bilateral meetings between companies and delegations from the Middle East.

Arabic – Italian liaison and conference (simultaneous) interpreting services

Milan Translations offers top-level certified interpreters for your business. Our Arabic interpreters are available in the city of Milan and in other Italian cities (Rome, Turin, Venice). For more information, you can contact us to receive the CV of the Arabic interpreter who will provide the interpreting service.

Sworn translations from Arabic to Italian

We offer sworn translations from Arabic to Italian of Moroccan driving licenses. The licenses issued in Morocco can be converted into Italian driving licenses thanks to the agreement between Italy and Morocco. Discover our services for more information on sworn translations from Arabic to Italian of licenses issued in Morocco.

Project Manager

The Arabic – Italian and English – Arabic translations will be followed by a project manager, who will coordinate the work in order to respect the deadlines and choose the most suitable translator for your text or for your negotiation. A figure who will be able to manage the whole process, from the assignment to the billing

Areas of specialization

Our interpreters in the language combinations from Arabic to Italian are native speakers who are experts in the target language, with at least 5 years of experience behind. Milan Translations also offers urgent services for this language combination. The areas of specialization are the following:

Legal (contracts from and to Arabic)

Certificates, diplomas, CVs, licenses

Business – commerce


Mechanical engineering

Fashion, clothing, fashion

Automation and robotics

Oil, plant engineering

See also our translation services of financial statements and bylaws in Arabic for the establishment of companies or participation in tenders in Arab countries.

civil construction

Sworn translations (asseveration) at the Court with legal value

We carry out sworn translations with legal value in the Italian – Arabic combinations, in addition to the affixing of the Hague Apostille for the validity of the document abroad (legalization). This type of translations is carried out by a Court-appointed expert witness (CTU, as for the acronym in Italian), and its value is also recognized at the Italian embassies and consulates and abroad. For more information, please consult the legalization and asseveration service

Discounts and company agreements

We offer flat-rate discounts (up to 30%) for company agreements. If you need continuous collaboration in Arabic or multilingual services for your business, contact us for a quote about company agreements!

Quotes and prices

To request a quote, you can contact us at the following addresses

- By E-mail at /

- To the telephone numbers

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