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Italian – Hungarian translations and interpreting

Italian – Hungarian translations and Italian – Hungarian interpreting. Milano Traduzioni is a specialized agency based in Milan for Hungarian and Italian mother tongue translators and interpreters (depending on the target language combination) for technical, legal and commercial translations. Let’s see what our areas of specialization are.

Areas of specialization

Italian – Hungarian translations and vice versa in these areas

- Technician (manuals, user manuals, instructions, technical drawings, medical tables, presentations, etc…)

- Legal (contracts, purchase and sale, powers of attorney, tax acts, judicial acts, etc.)

- Commercial (websites, e-mails, catalogues, brochures, cover letters, etc…)

- Literary and other

Project Management For large scale translation work Milano Traduzioni is available to provide, included in the price, a project manager to improve the workflow in Italian – Hungarian translations. The PM will take care of choosing the most suitable native speaker translator for your translation and improve delivery times to and from the client. In addition, the Project Manager will always be reachable via Skype or mobile phone for any eventuality regarding your Italian – Hungarian translation.

Sworn translations (affidavit) in court with legal value We carry out sworn translations in the Italian – Hungarian combinations with legal value, in addition to the affixing of the Hague Apostille for the foreign value of the document (legalization) . Translations of this type are carried out by CTU (Office Technical Consultants), whose value is also recognized at Italian embassies and consulates and abroad. For further information, please consult the legalization and asseveration service.

Italian – Hungarian Interpreting Milano Traduzioni offers Italian – Hungarian and vice versa technical, legal and commercial interpreting services. The modalities are of negotiation, consecutively, in chucotage (whispered). We can provide interpreters directly in the company and without travel costs to Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence and Turin. Contact us for a quote for an Italian – Hungarian interpreter

Discounts and company conventions Milano Traduzioni is available to provide special company conventions. If you need a fixed supplier for your translations that also include the Italian – Hungarian combination, here we can offer a package of lump sum translations with discounts that can be up to 30% off the standard rate. You can contact us to get all the information about the discounted rates of Milano Traduzioni for the Italian – Hungarian package in addition to other combinations.

Prices and quotes To request prices for Italian – Hungarian translations and vice versa or for a quote for an interpreting service, please contact us:

- by e-mail at

- to our telephone contacts

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